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W&T extends the Microwall range Featured

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Safe island safely serviced remotely

Wiesemann & Theis have expanded the Firewall range with two products.
1: Microwall VPN integrated with WireGuard VPN server.
2: Fix defined firewall - Network one-way Street

Now there are several ways to secure important data against hacking.

 First a bit about the Microwall VPN.

The Microwall VPN routes your device island safely and easily into the company intranet. Filter rules, which can be created easily and intuitively, protect sensitive island communication from harmful events on the intranet and from unwanted access. Remote maintenance / access to the participants of the island network and the management of the Microwall VPN can be done via the integrated WireGuard VPN server. 

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Go to Microwall VPN specification

Second product is Fix defined firewall

Network one-way street

The Fix Defined Firewall connects computers that are only supposed to receive without retroactive effect to networks with high security demands. All received network packets are transparently forwarded to the reading host in one direction. Data traffic in the direction of the secure network is not possible - neither from the reading computer nor from the firewall itself.

Go to fix defined firewall specification

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