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  • Google Go and Pure.Box creates management quickly

    Google GO

    Make automation easier and faster !!!

    Are you involved in exploring new effective methods for managing the automation process - if YES - then you need to learn pure.box and Google Go to know.

    Pure.box is a small server for industrial communication and automation, and it does not fill more than 105 x 75 x 22mm.

    It is cheap in operation - compared to a PC.


    The pure.box is an industrial communication and automation server for mounting your DIN rail. It has been created using a user-friendly web interface and is so ready for use in a few minutes.

    Google's programming language Go can be learned quickly thanks to the clear syntax. The uncomplicated approach to simultaneous programming, the comprehensive standard library and the original support from many target platforms make Go a powerful tool for developing individual communication and automation applications.

    Together pure.box and Go provide a convenient platform for rapid development of automation, control and monitoring solutions.

    Go to the pure.box category to see the products: Click here

  • MQTT: Industry 4.0 - en ny fremtid over Ethernet


    Terminal enheder i tingenes internet har generelt ingen offentlig IP-adresse, men snarere forbundet via et private net. Cross-netværksforbindelser kan kun åbnes i den udgående retning ved en ekstra påvirkning/indsats. Dette eliminerer peer-to-peer-forbindelser, som en kommunikationskanal for tingenes internet.

    Løsningen bliver leveret af protokollen MQTT: Terminal enheder åbne en forbindelse til en offentligt tilgængelig meddelelsesservice, kaldet mægleren (Broker). Her kan de som et forlag offentliggøre oplysninger for de abonnenter som abonnere på dem.

    MQTT er skalerbar og understøtter tusindvis af mulige terminaludstyr. Det virker pålideligt, selv i netværk med lille båndbredde eller når der  lejlighedsvis er afbrydelser mellem de tilsluttede enheder. Siden standardisering i 2013 har MQTT fået en stigende betydning som kommunikationsprotokol for tingenes internet.

    Web-IO with MQTT


    Web-IO 4.0 Digital

    W & T Web-IO er udstyret med digital ind- og udgange, som du kan få adgang via netværket.Effektiv handling ledelse og mange netværkstjenester muliggøre fleksibel brug i en række forskellige anvendelsesområder scenarier.

    Mulige anvendelser

    Overvågning digitale udgange

    Når tilstanden af ​​en digital indgang skifter, Web-IO svarer med frit konfigurerbare handlinger.Dette kan omfatte sende e-mails, SNMP traps eller MQTT beskeder.

    Forbrugsmålere i netværket

    Hver digital indgang er koblet til en tæller, som tæller indkommende impulser.Dette tillader for eksempel utililtymeters udstyret med en S0 interface til let inkorporeres i netværket.

    Netværk Fjernkontakten

    Forskellige netværksprotokoller tilbyde adgang til de digitale udgange.Det giver dem mulighed for at skifte tilsluttet ved - eller bygningsinstallationer og produktionsudstyr hjælp kobling relæer.

    Andre understøttede protokoller og M2M-interfaces

    • TCP og UDP sockets, klient og server
    • SNMP herunder fælder
    • SMTP e-mail afsendelse
    • OPC server
    • Modbus / TCP
    • HTTP (Web interface and REST)


    More Information


    Detaljeret viden

        Fortsat spørgsmål til Web-IO Digital eller MQTT?

    Vi er klar til at hjælpe dig med ethvert spørgsmål.

    Kontakt os på telefon: +45 7564 3399 eller e-mail: Denne e-mail adresse bliver beskyttet mod spambots. Du skal have JavaScript aktiveret for at vise den.


    Bestil en prøve - prøv det selv!

    Tilbud til kommercielle kunder: Du kan bestille Web-IO Digital som en prøve. Hvis prøven er returneret inden for 30 dage, betaler du kun returnering forsendelsesomkostninger. At beholde testenheden, betaler bare den medfølgende faktura.

    Prices and ordering Web-IO 4.0 2x Digital Input, 2x Digital Output

    Fuld support: Under testfasen er vore teknikere parat til at hjælpe dig med eventuelle spørgsmål.


  • MQTT: Industry 4.0 you can touch

      Terminal devices in the Internet of Things generally have no public IP address, but rather are connected over private networks. Cross-network connections can be opened only in the outgoing direction without a lot of additional effort. This eliminates peer-to-peer connections as a communication channel for the Internet of Things.

    The solution is provided by the protocol MQTT: Terminal devices open a connection to a publically accessible messaging service, the broker. Here they can as publishers publish information and as subscribers subscribe to it.

    MQTT is scalable and supports thousands of possible terminal devices. It works reliably, even in networks with low bandwidth or when there are occasional connection interruptions. Since its standardization in 2013 MQTT has taken on increasing importance as a communication protocol for the Internet of Things.

    Web-IO with MQTT


    Web-IO 4.0 Digital

    W&T Web-IOs are equipped with digital in- and outputs which you can access over the network. Effective action management and numerous network services enable flexible use in a variety of application scenarios.

    Possible applications

    • Monitoring digital outputs

      When the state of a digital input changes, the Web-IO responds with freely configurable actions. This can include sending emails, SNMP traps or MQTT messages.

    • Utility meters in the network

      Each digital input is linked to a counter which counts incoming pulses. This allows for example utililtymeters equipped with an S0 interface to be easily incorporated into the network.

    • Network remote switch

      Various network protocols offer access to the digital outputs. This allows them to switch connected peripherals - or building services and production equipment using coupling relays.

    • Other supported protocols and M2M interfaces

      • TCP and UDP sockets, client and server
      • SNMP including traps
      • SMTP e-mail sending
      • OPC server
      • Modbus/TCP
      • HTTP (Web interface and REST)

    More Information


    Detailed knowledge

        Still have questions about the Web-IO Digital or MQTT?

    We is ready to help you with any questions.
    Phone: +45 7564 3399 (Mon.-Fri. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
    E-mail: Denne e-mail adresse bliver beskyttet mod spambots. Du skal have JavaScript aktiveret for at vise den.


    Order a sample - try it out yourself!

    Offer for commercial customers: You can order the Web-IO Digital as a sample. If the sample is returned within 30 days, you pay only the return shipping costs. To keep the test unit, simply pay the accompanying invoice.

    Prices and ordering Web-IO 4.0 2x Digital Input, 2x Digital Output

    Full support: During the testing phase and of course beyond our engineers will be happy to assist you with any questions.


  • New Web-IO 4.0 makes it easy to automate solutions


    In recent months, Wiesemann & Theis GmbH has prepared the network-based remote control units and the Web-IO family sensor for thorough inspection. Web-IO 4.0 is now available and offers, in addition to new protocols and enhanced security, a new and simplified user interface.

    New communication channels have been added to configure the necessary protocols and interfaces, such as email or MQTT. It is easy to decide how the Web-IO device should behave against a particular state or event. It may be that it should send an email if the temperature becomes too high - or turn off a digital output upon receipt of an MQTT subscription.

    Apropos MQTT: In addition to the things Internet protocol from IBM, a well-prepared interface can easily be integrated into things Internet and industry 4.0.


    Web-IO 4.0: Network-based input and output interfaces

    Web IO switch

    Web-IO Digital


    Access to your machine change modes, such as from operating terminals (9... 30V) from. Depending on the Web IO model (or by means of relays). You can also monitor voltages up to 230V. Conditions can be monitored in the simplest case via a browser or connected external controller.

    Go to the product overview

    Analogue signals

    Web-IO Analog

    (0... 20mA or 0... 10V) measure for analog signals, tunnel it over the network and visually display the content. With the help of current transformers, higher currents can be monitored. Thus, a simple state monitoring (state monitoring) can be realized through the browser.

      Go to the product overview

    Environmental impacts


    With web-thermometers, in the future, we will be able to create a modern, extensible monitoring solution with Visualization (also via cloud service) and a collection of data for long-term monitoring. Depending on the model, humidity, air quality, and air pressure can also be measured.

    Go to the product overview



    Do not ponder. Try it now!

    You can reach the data sheets via the respective product overviews and can order devices for a 30-day, free test.

    Note for existing customers

    Please note the NEW item number when ordering. At the same time the unchanged previous models remain available as long as possible.

    We are glad to be here for you

    Questions on the topic of Web-IO 4.0?

    Our technicians can be reached at +45 7564 3399
    (Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm)


  • Ny Web-IO 4.0 gør det let at automatisere løsninger


    I de seneste måneder har Wiesemann & Theis GmbH forberedt de netværksbaserede fjernbetjeningsenheder og sensoren til Web-IO familien for et grundigt eftersyn. Web-IO 4.0 er nu tilgængelige og tilbyder, ud over nye protokoller og forbedret sikkerhed, en ny og forenklet brugergrænseflade.

    Der er tilført nye kommunikationskanaler til at konfigurere de nødvendige protokoller og grænseflader, såsom e-mail eller MQTT. Det er nemt at bestemme hvordan Web-IO enheden bør opføre sig over for en bestemt tilstand eller begivenhed. Det kan være at den skal sende en e-mail hvis temperaturen bliver for højt - eller slukke et digitalt output ved modtagelse af en MQTT abonnement.

    Apropos MQTT: Ud over tingenes internet protokol fra IBM, en velforberedt interface kan nemt integreres  i tingenes internet og i industrien 4,0.



    Web-IO 4.0: interfaces til netværksbaseret input og output

     Web-IO omskifter

    Web-IO Digital


    Access på din maskine skifte tilstande, for eksempel fra betjeningsterminaler (9... 30V) fra.Afhængig af Web-IO-modellen (eller ved hjælp af relæer). Du kan også overvåge spændinger op til 230V. Tilstande kan overvåges i det enkleste tilfælde via en browser eller tilsluttet eksternt styreenhed.

    Gå til produktoversigten

     Analoge signaler

    Web-IO Analog

    (0... 20mA eller 0... 10V) foranstaltning for analoge signaler, tunnel det over netværket og vis visuelt indholdet. Med hjælp fra strømtransformere, kan højere strømme overvåges. Således kan realiseres en enkel tilstandsovervågning (tilstandsovervågning) via browseren.

     Gå til produktoversigten



    Med Web termometre vil man i fremtiden kunne skabe en moderne, extensible overvågningsløsning med Visualisering (også via cloud-tjeneste) og en opsamling af data for langsigtet overvågning. Afhængig af modellen, fugtighed, luftkvalitet, og lufttrykket kan også måles.

    Gå til produktoversigten



    Stop overvejelsen. Prøv det nu!

    Find det produkt du gerne vil teste og bestil den for en 30-dages gratis prøveperiode.

    Note til eksisterende kunder

    Bemærk venligst det nye varenummer for produkter for MQTT ved bestilling. Samtidig forbliver de tidligere modeller ledige så længe som muligt.

    Vi er glade for at kunne hjælpe dig.

    Spørgsmål om emnet Web-IO 4.0?

    Vores teknikere kan nås på +45 7564 3399
    (Mandag til fredag 8:00 - 17:00)


  • Product news

    Here you will find an overview of new products from our suppliers.

  • USB device 2.0 goes anywhere on the net

    USB-Server Gigabit 2.0

    USB devices easily and quickly anywhere on the net

    The Gigabit 2.0 USB server integrates a USB device into the network via TCP / IP Ethernet for industrial use. The devices connected to the USB server Gigabit 2.0 behave exactly as if they were connected directly to your Windows PC.

    • USB-Server Gigabit 2.0,
      model #53663

    • 2 independent USB ports

    Product features:


    • 2x USB 2.0 USB ports
      • Simultaneous connection of PC A to USB1 and PC B to USB2 possible
      • Both ports with max. 500mA loadable
    • 1x Ethernet 100 / 1000BaseT
      • Auto-sensing / auto-MDIX

    Management & connectivity:

    • remote configuration
      • Commissioning via Wutility (three clicks - and done), DHCP
      • Web-Based Management
    • Fully USB 2.0 compliant
      • Support for all USB modes ( Control, Bulk, Interrupt, Isochronous )
    • Implementation of USB redirection as a Windows core driver
      • XP / 2003 / Vista / 2008/7 / 2008R2 / 8/2012 / 8.1 / 2012R2 / 10 incl. Server, 64-bit editions and virtual systems
      • Communication even without user login
      • Intuitive graphical configuration tool
      • Additional command line tool for batch / scripted device integration
    • Full TCP / IP support including routing and DNS
    • Increased data throughput
      • Network connection via Gigabit Ethernet
      • Lower latencies through powerful hardware platform

    Power supply:

    • External supply
      • Screw terminal connection 24 - 48V DC
    • Power over Ethernet (PoE)

    Standards & Co .:

    • Standard compliance in both office and industrial environments:
      • high interference immunity for industrial environment
      • low emissions for residential and business areas
    • 5 years warranty

    Operating modes

    Windows USB redirection

    Install the USB redirector and connect your USB device via the USB redirector - that's it! Whether as a replacement for missing hardware USB ports, a solution for virtual environments such as VMware, HyperV, etc., or as a simple line driver, your USB communication becomes network-ready without a line programming.


    The small box contains everything needed to move USB devices to a network. Whether as an extension of your network or to share with other users devices such as scanners, printers, dongle, measurement, etc.: USB devices connected to the USB server Gigabit behave exactly as if they were directly to your Windows PC connected. Support for all USB modes (Control, Interrupt, Bulk, Isochronous) ensures easy communication with both traditional USB devices and isochronous audio, video and measurement devices. We can therefore do without complex lists of compatible devices - everything means everything.

    Everything in it

    On the software side, the USB redirector implemented as the core driver integrates the virtual USB ports into the Windows Plug & Play system. As with local installations, the USB device can also be operated without a Windows USER login. The USB Server Gigabit supports network-wide, routed connections and has functions to ensure automatic restart of communication after network disruptions / interruptions.

    All applications

    Share devices - Move the valuable dongle to the secure server room and let users access it via the network.
    Virtual environments - Integrate real USB peripherals (measurement, card reader, etc.) into virtual machines running VMWare, HyperV, Virtual Box, etc.
    Line driver - Operate USB device almost indefinitely away from the computer

    Galvanic isolation - Create a galvanic isolation between the PC and the USB device, avoiding ground loops and unwanted equalization currents

    interoperability warranty

    We stand by our word: "We can with all". If your very special USB device, with its very special driver and its very special version, is not working, we will analyze exactly why your USB device is so unusual. As a rule, we are now able to change the behavior of our USB server so that it also works with your device. If that does not work, you will receive a detailed technical error analysis. These can be used as needed to solve the problem with the help of the manufacturer of your USB device.

    Special operating modes

    On the software side, the USB redirector implemented as the core driver integrates the virtual USB ports into the Windows Plug & Play system. As with local installations, the USB device can also be operated without a Windows USER login. The USB Server Gigabit supports network-wide, routed connections and has functions to ensure automatic restart of communication after network disruptions / interruptions.


    Click for more specification

    Go to Application



  • Web-IO 4.0 with 230V/15A output

    230V / 16A Switch for network and internet

    Wiesemann & Theis GmbH has expanded its network-based I / O systems to an industry-compatible 230V remote switch for load currents up to 16 amps. Model 57732 is available immediately and supports, like the entire Web-IO family, diverse networks and communication protocols.

     Web-IO 4.0 for 230V/15A

    The full-device name "Web-IO Digital 4.0, 1x230V I, 1xRelais Out" has an input and output for 230V. Possible applications include, in addition to being able to feel and monitor, operating remote switch 230V circuits.

    For the classic industrial applications, Web-IO fieldbus supports OPC and Modbus / TCP. Applications in Industry 4.0 automation are realized by the Things Internet protocol MQTT and a REST interface. Network Management Protocol SNMP allows use in data centers and server rooms. Individual solutions for the device can be established for use on TCP / IP and UDP networks, or web-based via HTTPS.

    Despite the many different operational features, user-friendliness is top: By an action system, the Web-IO response is easy to configure over these events. In this manner, the user is informed, for example, of e-mail about the coupling condition of a refrigeration compressor or machine.

    "Web-IO Digital 4.0, 1x230V I, 1xRelais Out" is available for 1,485 DKK at Active Communication. Commercial customers can test the equipment for free for a period of four weeks. For more information and ordering please visit our product page. Click here.


  • Website in new design

    January 1, 2017, we introduced this new updated website designed and developed by the company Infoicon Software, a collaborate as we certainly can recommend.
    Our goal is to build a website and shop tailored to our customers needs. The site is primarily suited to our corporate clients to ensure a quick overview of the products we can offer. Here below is tab with impotent news you will meet in this website:


  • Wireless bridge between LAN connections

    {jcomments on}Secure wireless Internet bridge

    Sometimes it is simply too expensive or too difficult to draw LAN cables, although it may be preferable. It has Wiesemann & Theis GmbH found a solution by developing an Industrial Wireless bridge between two LAN connections.






    WLAN Client Bridge


    In some situations, it is too expensive or too complicated to use Patch cables and therefore launches W&T now WLAN Client Bridge. Its product number is the 55,611th

    #55611 WLAN Client Bridge


    With WLAN Client Bridge will be able to connect individual devices and even groups to WLAN and implement a secure wireless LAN connection.

    WLAN Client Bridge is easy to integrate with devices such as Com-Servers, USB Servers associated with any number of other devices. The data transmission can be secured with WPA / WPA-2 encryption. The unit is assigned an IP and S SID and password easy and simple. There may be WIFI Smartphone / Tablet or notebook. With a protocol IEEE 802.11b / g / n achieved a speed of 150 Mbit / s, which meets most needs. WLAN Client Bridge can use PoE or external 24V-48V power supply. It is possible to connect external antennas for optimal wireless signal transfer.

    Link to product description