Appropriate ventilation based on actual CO2 values
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Appropriate ventilation based on actual CO2 values

The timeair measures the CO2 concentration in the ambient air and uses that to determine when the next air exchange needs to occur.

In daycare centers and schools, meeting and event spaces, but especially also in areas that are highly frequented it is difficult to have an overview of the correct ventilation measured. The timeair gives you room air feedback in real time and triggers alarms based on measured values instead of using a CO2-independent timer.
Compared with CO2-only sensors the timeair indicates not only the current carbon dioxide content of the ambient air, but also uses 12 LEDs to indicate the remaining time until a critical limit is reached. This can then be individually configured over a range of from ... to ... ppm (The RKI recommended limit is 1000 ppm.) When this value is reached, visual and optional acoustic signals are generated.

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