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Application for Network

Application for Network

W&T has unique products for use in industrial intranet solutions. Protection of communication between server and machine tools, etc. with whitelist controlled Firewall. Distribution of IP with industrial switch, Network monitoring, USB memory media in network.

To give you a first overview of the MQTT universe, we have assembled relevant documents, software and websites.

to configure W & T Microwall

These standard firewall rules help you implement typical applications of  Microwall  .

Behind any open port on the network is a server program that is likely to contain errors. Sometimes these errors are so serious that they can be exploited to spy on that system, sabotage or even perform malicious code on it. Therefore, the most important step in increasing the security of your corporate network is to control the open ports and close them when necessary.

A common technique for improving the security of corporate networks is to break them down into smaller segments by department. The communication between these subnets is monitored, controlled and logged by firewall routers. Attackers and malware that manage to penetrate one of the subnets are prevented from spreading through packet filters. A goal of further enhancing security is the targeted isolation of individual systems and functional entities in their own network segment. This means that even the most vulnerable units can be effectively protected.

Isolation of vital data

If you and your company work with:

  • Machine tools
  • X-ray machines
  • Lift control

This example may be interesting to you.