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Application for Motherbox

Application for Motherbox

Control centers and multi-data loggers

The Motherbox enables access to the in- and outputs of connected Web-IOs and Web Thermometers through a single centralized device. It detects measurement values and switching states of connected devices in its internal database. The SiteCreator lets you create control fields and visualization interfaces in just a few minutes. Basics, sequence diagrams and process representations can be incorporated as graphics and be given displays and operating elements.

Here is how you configure Windows for accessing network sharing for the Motherbox:

The Motherbox supports access to the internal 750MB (approx.) memory via SMB signing (SMB = protocol name), Server Message Block). This function can be turned on or off in the device configuration under Home >> Configuration >> Motherbox >> Network using the option Activate SMB server. Signing is then possible over using the Windows network environment.