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Application for Web-IO Digital

Application for Web-IO Digital

Here we have described various applications for Control, Monitoring and Control - Digital

Programming Web-IO Devices - See the examples here

Wiesemann & Theis is one of the leaders in this field and offers unique quality products for automation solutions via the Ethernet.

   Web-IO 2xIO

Applications for Web-IO

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Applications for Box to Box

Applications for Box to Box (2)

See applications that show how two Web-IO devices can communicate with each other over the Ethernet.

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Web-IO programming

Web-IO programming (9)

Learn How To Program Web-IO Digital Devices

Here you will find examples of how to program in JAVA, Delphi, C #, Visual C ++, VB 2005/2008/2010, Visual Basic, VBScript.
Here's how to easily develop automation applications.

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Here a Google Maps map needs to be displayed!


The wide availability of the Internet opens up new possibilities in visualization of measurements and automation data. Whereas before all objects in a visualization had to come from the same source, today it’s easy to link content from third parties into your own application.

The Web-IO Digital also brings devices into the SNMP management system which have potential-free contacts. Using the Web-IO Digital for example leaks in the server room can be reported early. When water enters the Web-IO Digital immediately issues a warning via SNMP trap.

Visualization systems are often provided with information using OPC protocol. But not all components which are part of a system provided their status as an OPC item. Information is often only provided via potential-free contacts or digital signals.

The W&T Web-IO provides a bridge between Modbus TCP and the most common Web technologies.

In many cases logging of the progress of technical processes is needed:

  • When was a door opened, and when was it closed again?
  • How often was the beam of a photoelectric sensor interrupted during a particular time interval?
  • How long did a motor run?
  • ............

Increasingly stringent quality requirements demand increasingly precise operational data acquisition. But even independent retail establishments are becoming more interested in recording and evaluating data on customer frequency.

Faults or operating states in building technology, automation technology or other systems are often indicated using digital outputs. In many cases sensors provide potential-free contacts or voltage or current outputs in order to connect signal lamps or other annunciators.

Entry to the Smart Home, using the iPhone for remote control

Mobile phones are carried by nearly everyone today. In addition to the original idea of being able to phone from everywhere, cell phones are increasingly providing a means of connecting to the Internet. The iPhone in particular has acquired almost cult status. Together with the Wieseman & Theis Web-IO Digital boxes, internet-capable cell phones like the iPhone can be used as remote control for home and building technology.

Using the Site-Creator integrated into the W&T Motherbox you can very simply create visualizations and control pages for W&T Web-IO products. Absolutely no programming knowledge is required.

Simple connection to a local network

For connecting to an Ethernet LAN all that is needed is an available port on a switch or hub. All Web-IOs support both 100BaseT and 10BaseT, whereby the network speed is automatically detected.

The browser is today the central display and operating tool in the PC world. A network and internet access is also virtually a standard today. Together with the Wiesemann & Theis Web-IO Digital boxes the browser can be used to remotely operate home and building technology.

The idea of an Internet of Things carries with it a central problem: How do untold number of devices - with different performance capability, some mobile and some stationary, often connected over unreliable lines and with high latency times - communicate with each other reliably and efficiently?