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Wednesday, 27 March 2019 17:55

Monitor levels with the Web-IO Analog-In

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Definition of tasks

In a production environment a tank is used for delivering raw materal. Unfortunately there were always delays in the production sequence, since when the tank was empty the machine no longer ran and no one was alerted about this conditon.

The company sought an easily retrofittable solution for montoring the level of the tank and
informing the production manager via e-mail when the level was too low.

The solution

The EDP service provider, who had already networked the production machine, recognized immediately
that the already existing network infrastructure could be used to send the alarm message directly to the internal mail server
using the Web-IO Analog-In.


  • 1. The level indicator for the tank was connected to the 0...20mA interface of the Web-IO Analog-In using a measuring transducer.
  • 2. The Web-IO Analog-In was connected to an available Ethernet port and provided with power.
  • 3. An IP address was assigned to the Web-IO Analog-In.
  • 4. The browser was used to configure the Web-IO Analog-In so that an e-mail to the e-mail account of the production manager is sent when the level reaches a critical status.

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