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Friday, 15 May 2020 08:01

Trigger timed events Featured

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Switch on time and on schedule

With this application we give you an overview of the options available to you to trigger time-controlled events with rule.box and Node-RED. Please have a look at the video opposite or read the written version further down on this page


 What is needed:

 Need rule.box - ask for test version!

What is explained:

1. Flow Setup

2. More nodes for similar purposes

 1. Set up the flow

  • Open Manage Palette in the Node-RED Editor menu .

  • Click install , search for "timerswitch" and install the package "node-red-contrib-timerswitch".

  • Drag the newly installed node onto your desktop and open the settings with a double click.

Node Timerswitch

  • Here you can now set various on and off times for precise control throughout the day.

  • Connect the output of the node to a "Digital OUT" node, for example, which means that you can use the rule.box digital with two inputs and two outputs as a freely configurable timer.

  • Then confirm your flow with deploy.

 2. Additional knots for similar purposes

  • If you have higher demands on a timer, additional nodes are available in Node-RED. You can find this by searching for "scheduler" in the installation menu, for example.

  • The "Light Scheduler" node gives you the option of configuring different times for the individual days of the week separately using a calendar sheet.


With the "Simple Weekly Scheduler" node, you have the option of automatically downloading and setting pre-defined schedules in JSON format from a server.



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