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Switching, monitoring and sending alarms

The Web-IO Digital provides access to digital switching signals (24V/230V) over the network.

  • Versatile network remote switch
    The digital outputs can be switched over the Web, an app or from your own applications. In Box-2-Box mode in- and outputs are adjusted between two devices across different locations.
  • Detect and monitor
    Using configurable actions you monitor the in- and outputs and send e-mails when there are status changes or you can switch the outputs.
  • Simple integration into IoT, SCADA, MES and NMS systems
    via MQTT, Modbus/TCP, OPC and SNMP

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WEB IO Digital 24V

Coupling relay 1x changeover
150.00 DKK
Web-IO 12x Digital with Com-Server
3,735.00 DKK