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Web-IO Analog-In 0..20mA / 0..10V

Web-IO Analog-In 0..20mA / 0..10V

Web IO Analog gather and archive analog measured values Includes alarm over the Internets.
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  • Monitor measured values and trends from a browser
    • HTML page design user-variable
    • Direct access to the actual value, e.g., for integration into other Web pages
  • Graphic display of the stored temperature values
    • Chart display
    • Interactive display, user-scalable
    • Display of limit violations
    • Freely selectable line color
  • E-mail for alarm or reporting functions
  • SNMP measurement queries / alarm traps for incorporating into your existing SNMP management system
  • Querying measured data with OPC
  • Sensing alarms via syslog, TCP, SNMP, e-mail
  • Archiving via FTP and W&T database tool Sensobase
  • Adapters:
    • 10/100MBit
    • 0..20mA current input, 0..10V voltage input (57641)
    • 2x 0..20mA current input (57642)
    • 2x 0..10V voltage input (57643)
  • Easy Start:
    • Connect measurement lines and network cable
    • Connect supply voltage
    • Assign IP number
    • That's it!