Create graphics using RRDtool

Automatic creation of graphics on Unix/Linux based systems.

The road to better indoor climate

To create a good indoor climate in a room, the temperature and air quality in the room must be optimal. The temperature is usually controlled, but when it comes to air quality, there are often problems. Many people ventilate the air in the room either manually or through ventilation systems without controlling the air quality. The result often becomes unnecessary energy to ensure a good air quality and ventilate when this is not needed.

Website in new design

January 1, 2017, we introduced this new updated website designed and developed by the company Infoicon Software, a collaborate as we certainly can recommend. Our goal is to build a website and shop tailored to our customers needs. The site is primarily suited to our corporate clients to ensure a quick overview of the products we can offer. Here below is tab with impotent news you will meet in this website:

Display temperature curve and/or climatogram in the browser

Use the ability to view the measured values directly in the Web browser in graphic form.

Read temperature directly in the browser

Temperature and humidity values can be displayed directly in the Web browser.