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Web-Graph Air Quality Web-Graph Air Quality

To create a good indoor climate in a room, the temperature and air quality in the room must be optimal. The temperature is usually controlled, but when it comes to air quality, there are often problems. Many people ventilate the air in the room either manually or through ventilation systems without controlling the air quality. The result often becomes unnecessary energy to ensure a good air quality and ventilate when this is not needed.

In order to ensure optimal indoor climate control, relevant measurement data is required.

Our solution from W&T can all - monitor and record temperature, humidity and air quality (CO2 and VOC) and send alarm based on established criteria. The solution is connected to the Ethernet, which means that you can retrieve your device's data over the Internet and see them in Browser.

Advantages of Web-Graph Air Quality (# 57718)

  • Ensures continuous control of the indoor climate
  • Provides a basis for better ventilation control
  • Ensures measurement data for documentation of the indoor climate
  • Ensures warnings for poor indoor climate
  • Ensures better financial management of indoor climate
  • Ensures better comfort in the room
  • Ensures better learning, less sick days, etc.
  • Ensures monitoring of multiple Web-Graph Air Quality devices from central location.

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