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New Web-IO 4.0 makes it easy to automate solutions Featured

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In recent months, Wiesemann & Theis GmbH has prepared the network-based remote control units and the Web-IO family sensor for thorough inspection. Web-IO 4.0 is now available and offers, in addition to new protocols and enhanced security, a new and simplified user interface.

New communication channels have been added to configure the necessary protocols and interfaces, such as email or MQTT. It is easy to decide how the Web-IO device should behave against a particular state or event. It may be that it should send an email if the temperature becomes too high - or turn off a digital output upon receipt of an MQTT subscription.

Apropos MQTT: In addition to the things Internet protocol from IBM, a well-prepared interface can easily be integrated into things Internet and industry 4.0. This is your future!!

Web-IO 4.0: Network-based input and output interfaces

Web IO switch

Web-IO Digital


Access to your machine change modes, such as from operating terminals (9 ... 30V) from. Depending on the Web IO model (or by means of relays). You can also monitor voltages up to 230V. Conditions can be monitored in the simplest case via a browser or connected external controller.

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Analogue signals

Web-IO Analog

(0 ... 20mA or 0 ... 10V) measure for analog signals, tunnel it over the network and visually display the content. With the help of current transformers, higher currents can be monitored. Thus, a simple state monitoring (state monitoring) can be realized through the browser.

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Environmental impacts


With web-thermometers, in the future, we will be able to create a modern, extensible monitoring solution with Visualization (also via cloud service) and a collection of data for long-term monitoring. Depending on the model, humidity, air quality, and air pressure can also be measured.

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Do not ponder. Try it now!

You can reach the data sheets via the respective product overviews and can order devices for a 30-day, free test.

Note for existing customers

Please note the NEW item number when ordering. At the same time the unchanged previous models remain available as long as possible.

We are glad to be here for you

Questions on the topic of Web-IO 4.0?

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